Another Day Another Destiny, Buffet Crampon was a little too far from Paris for...
Another Day Another Destiny
Buffet Crampon was a little too far from Paris for a trip, but Vandoren is located right in Montmarte! Today we stopped in and spoke with Jean-Marie Paul, the French Chairman of the International Clarinet Association and Charge of Communications at Vandoren, Paris.  He gave a history of the company, gifted some magazines, and showed us the sheet music collection. After asking him about klezmer music for clarinet he excitedly pulled out a huge stack and started playing some of it from a CD. It definitely helped get the gears going for a possible klezmer group in Boston…. Highlight of the Europe trip right here! (He also told us, corroborated by a plaque outside, that beside Vandoren at 56 Rue Lepic, Van Gogh used to live next door at 54.)See More
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